5 Unique Ways to Sharpen Your Memory

Forget about little things like discussion meeting at the office , a place to put your car keys or forget to turn off the TV when leaving the house is annoying and can inhibit the activity . Oblivious to the simple problem , there is a slight problem in the ability of the brain called the ‘ working memory ‘ . But not to worry , the memory can be improved by doing simple things and tend to be easy , that you may never have thought . This way , as quoted by the Daily Mail .

1 . Paper doodles
When sitting for a long time following the meeting or lecture classes , there is often just an explanation of a co-worker or teacher is forgotten . Because when it sits too long without something to do, a number of memory ability in the brain to die . But you can handle it doodle drawing or writing on paper . Random write when your ears can hear you prevent memory ‘float ‘ . ‘

2 . diligent Reading
Reading is a ‘ sport ‘ for the brain because it can stretch the muscles memory to recall information from the page and previous chapters . The brain will anticipate the next incoming information , interpret words , phrases and ideas while reading . Improve your memory skills by reading new books from authors and different writing styles .

3 . Cook Without Seeing Recipes
Read the recipe book , to remember , and cook without seeing another recipe that you ‘ve read . This will ‘ force ‘ you to remember the ingredients and steps in mind , as well as apply it to physical action . Simple multi – tasking activity that is great for training your memory skills .

4 . inhalation of Rosemary
One type of this herb has been shown by several studies to improve the brain’s ability to remember . Rosemary has a scent that stimulates the production of acetylcholine , a hormone that plays an important role in keeping the mind focused . Squirt a bit of rosemary essential oil on a handkerchief or tisue , and inhale the aroma every time you need .

5 . Facebook checks
Numerous studies show that Facebook – with excessive use – can boost memory . The scientists argue , when you check the update status , your memory to erase the previous information ( which is written in the previous status ) and replace it with new data .